4 Reasons Healthcare Brands Should Use Social Media

December 7, 2020

Social media marketing for healthcare is often overlooked or viewed as nonessential. However, because digital communication is dominating the way companies and small businesses interact with their clients, it’s vital for the healthcare industry to follow suit. Social media marketing can be a powerful addition to your business and a key factor in your growth - let’s talk about why.

Provide Useful Information To The Public

In the midst of a pandemic, everyone can benefit from expert opinions and advice from healthcare professionals. Social media is an excellent tool for spreading important information at a rapid scale, and reaching a wide net of people instantaneously. In today’s climate, a large portion of users rely on social media to stay informed on what is happening in the world, to stay up-to-date on current events, and to connect with their favorite brands and businesses. Brands in the healthcare space can tailor their social media presence to spread useful information about what is happening in the industry, not only filling a need, but establishing themselves as experts in their field.

Help Answer Patient Questions In A Streamlined Way

Social media offers an easy way to chat with patients through direct messaging. If your marketing efforts are successful, customers will begin to message you with common questions and general inquiries. You can also use the online channels to build informative content that answers frequent questions or common concerns. This is the exciting area where your marketing efforts can become creative and you can reach your base of patients in a seamless, informal way.

Advertise New Industry Innovations

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and exciting new milestones are being reached every day. It’s important that your practice stays up-to-date on new industry trends and news so you can relay it to your following. These relevant updates can be turned into a subtle content marketing play that will convey your expertise to potential new patients. In a sense, everything you post on social media is an inadvertent advertisement for your business and should build trust with your following.

Correct Common Misinformation

Since social media is a conduit for spreading information, misinformation also spreads at a rapid pace, especially in the healthcare industry. Being the voice of reason that corrects false information helps legitimize your brand. Social media gives you the opportunity to build trust with your audience; taking advantage of false rumors is a great way to come out looking smarter and more informed than the rest of your field.

Pascale offers big thinking built for healthcare. We’ve been in the healthcare marketing industry since 2005, helping medical professionals find their voice. If you’re ready to dive into the social media space, reach out to us and we can help you navigate the complexities of online healthcare marketing with ease. Let’s take your brand to the next level, together.

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