5 Reasons to outsource your healthcare company's PR

February 4, 2021

Public relations is an essential part of running any business. From brand awareness to reputation management to media relations, a PR team makes it so that you can control your company’s message to the public. Pascāle is dedicated to the healthcare industry and providing consistent, reliable healthcare PR.

Whether you’re an established healthcare provider or just starting to grow your practice, outsourcing your company’s PR can take a major load off your team. Keep reading for five reasons why you should outsource your PR efforts.

Time management

Many small businesses try to do everything themselves. This leads to workers getting spread too thin and missing out on valuable opportunities for revenue and growth. Effective time management is a major part of growing any business, so an outsourced PR team can help you manage this part of your time. A public relations agency spends 100% of every day working on PR so you don’t even have to spend 1% of yours.


As someone who works in the healthcare industry, you know how important a specialty is. Marketing and public relations are no different. Experience in knowing how to disseminate a message as well the necessary relationships to the public are important parts in promotion and reputation management. If you have an in-house PR team, they’ll have to take the time necessary to build relationships with local companies and public figures who can help promote your company. A PR agency has already established these relationships and has resources dedicated to continually building more.

Furthermore, the healthcare industry is unlike any other. It’s constantly evolving and clear communication is necessary to ensure that your patients and clients know what’s going on. Pascāle is dedicated to understanding the growth and innovation of the industry so we can help you properly and creatively connect with the public.


No matter the industry, PR requires a team. You could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on a very good in-house public relations team and get good results. However, you can get the same results by outsourcing your PR to an agency.

If you’re worried about healthcare knowledge and experience within the agency to which you’re outsourcing, Pascāle is an agency that specializes in serving healthcare providers. Our team is trained in the nuance of the industry so our all efforts are effectively targeted within the industry.

An external point of view

When it comes to art, sometimes you have to take a step back to see the whole picture. This can be true with public relations as well. An external point of view can be useful when it comes to finding the positive or what sets you apart from the rest of the industry. Outsourcing your public relations efforts to a team of professionals outside of your company gives you an outside perspective that also comes from a team of experts.

Your team of PR experts brings experience working with other companies within your industry. This means that your team can bring together strategies and techniques that have worked with other companies to build more successful campaigns for you.

When it comes to a PR agency, the team dedicated to your company must also be experts in who you are and what you do in order to provide the best services. You can be confident that you’re getting the expertise that an in-house team brings as well as the outside perspective of an agency.


There’s a lot that goes into effective public relations. From email newsletters to mailers to social media to press releases to so many more outlets for messaging, it takes a lot of work to build and execute successful public relations campaigns. A healthcare PR agency can do it all in one place. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your in-house team is working on a project and neglecting other areas that need attention or even delegating office workers to certain aspects of your efforts. By outsourcing your PR efforts, you’re getting an all-in-one package deal that gives attention to every aspect of public relations.

Outsource with Pascāle

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