Becoming A Key Opinion Leader (KOL) In Healthcare With Pascāle

July 12, 2020

Healthcare is a constantly evolving industry. New discoveries are made every day, and perceived credibility can shift just as quickly. Especially in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people are looking for healthcare professionals that they know they can trust—also known as key opinion leaders (KOLs).

At Pascāle, we’re committed to amplifying the voices of New York’s most reliable, educated doctors. We know you prioritize your patients above all else, and we want to help you spread that message with a volume and tangible authenticity that can’t be ignored. We already see that you’re key to your communities, leaders in your industries, and bring valuable insight and opinions.

For your patients to see that, you need to become a key opinion leader. Here’s a compact introduction to how Pascāle can help.

What’s A Key Opinion Leader (KOL)?

According to influencity, a key opinion leader (KOL) “can be defined as someone who’s considered a connoisseur of a certain topic and whose opinions are respected by their public, thanks to their trajectory and the reputation they’ve built for themselves.”

In short, key opinion leaders know their stuff, and when they talk, the people listening are inclined to believe them.

In medicine, one example of a key opinion leader would be someone publicly responsible for discussing how a new drug is being developed and tested. While every new drug has an expansive team behind it, one person is likely to step forward as the face of the potential breakthrough, becoming an individual representation of why patients should trust this newfound treatment.

Key thought leaders are different from influencers in that they usually aren’t born from an online platform. An Instagram influencer in the makeup industry likely develops a digital following for their fashion skills, then begins promoting products to their receptive audience.

A key thought leader in medicine may or may not have an online presence to begin with, and they likely aren’t partnering with outside companies’ products. A medical KOL has built their reputation on tangible successes in their field. Their credibility comes from their direct work, not their online platform—though creating an online presence can certainly help in raising awareness of their work. That’s one of the things we do best at Pascāle!

Why Consumers Trust KOLs

To become a key opinion leader, you need to portray yourself as a real person, not just a mascot or figurehead for your healthcare organization. Consumers trust key opinion leaders because it feels like they know the thought leader, and they trust that the thought leader knows what they’re talking about.

How Pascāle Can Position You As A KOL

Lianatech explains, “All key opinion leaders have prominent status in their own communities and their opinions are valued and listened to. They are seen as true experts and they are trusted as real individuals, not just public figures representing companies.”

Developing a reputation as a key opinion leader in the healthcare space increases your audience and their trust in your work. At Pascāle, we pride ourselves in being “responsive AF” at every stage of the public relations process.

We’ll handle your professional patient/media relations, build your social and professional media presence, increase your visibility, establish your authority, and more. We connect you with other influential medical experts, as well as patients who are most likely to spread the word of your excellent service.

To start positioning yourself as a key thought leader, contact Pascāle today!

People are looking for healthcare professionals that they know they can trust—also known as key opinion leaders (KOLs).