Dr. Nimesh Patel Given Award During Heidelberg Engineering Event!

Heidelberg Engineering, a leading manufacturer of high tech ophthalmic medical devices, held an event on May 5th attended by over 200 researchers and clinicians.

Among those speaking at the event, Dr. Nimesh Patel presented his research on the effects of microgravity on the eyes of astronauts using the Spectralis OCT, an ocular multimodal diagnostic imaging tool, on board the International Space Station. A video recording of the presentation will soon be available on the Heidelberg Engineering website.

During the event, Dr. Patel received the company’s 2014 “Xtreme Research Lecture Award” for his presentation of his research into the eyes of astronauts. Congratulations, Dr. Patel!

Be sure to follow Heidelberg’s LinkedIn page for an update on the video covering the event!

Erin LaFavor