GERD Awareness Week, Stretta Therapy

Thanksgiving is swiftly approaching and with it is GERD Awareness Week. From November 23-29th GERD Awareness Week professionals use the time to encourage those suffering to seek professional help. Undiagnosed or ignored recurring GERD has been tied to esophageal cancer.


Pascale  is in the know because we have a fabulous client, Mederi Therapeutics, and their system, Stretta Therapy, helps negate the nasty side effects of GERD and acid reflux with the use of radio frequency technology. You can learn more by visiting their website and their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. There’s always something of note on their social media- live procedures, interesting press and compelling patient stories.

Before you finalize your holiday menu, consider the fact that diet greatly impacts GERD. For those who suffer from chronic effects of GERD and acid reflux, each meal requires careful consideration and planning.


Erin LaFavor