Pascale Spotlight: AMNIOX Medical


In light of the constant forward motion of medical innovation, we would like to take a moment and bring attention to one of our wonderful clients that we’ve had the privilege of serving again this year: AMNIOX Medical. Founded in 2011, this company serves the orthopedic and wound care markets in a pretty neat way that you’d have to see in order to believe.


AMNIOX Medical emanates their coolness just by their mission statement alone: the company aims to develop and market regenerative therapies processed from amniotic membrane and umbilical cord matrix utilizing its proprietary CRYOTEK technology. In other words, they can apply this tissue to wounds, influencing them to regenerate and heal! The tissue they use is acquired from elective donation following healthy live birth via Cesarean section and thorough donor screening. The process they use is proven to preserve the innate biological and structural properties of the matrix, which can then be transplanted to adult wound and surgical environments. Is that neat, or is that neat?

AMNIOX Medical and Bio-Tissue partner with TissueTech, Inc., the developer of the innovative CRYOTEK technology. TissueTech’s research has quite the professional backing; their research has continued for 25 years with research grants from the National Institutes of Health. Their products have been implanted in humans in more than 130,000 cases with a safety record that makes you wonder why no one thought of this therapy sooner. If you’d rather read about it, then that’s okay, too—over 300 peer-reviewed scientific publications have been produced supporting this technology platform. Their first product, AmnioGraft, is the only tissue graft designated by the FDA as homologous for promoting ophthalmic wound healing while suppressing scarring and inflammation.

Check out AMNIOX Medical to learn about their processes and regenerative therapies.

Erin LaFavor