11 Tips for Success

When Pascale was founded in 2005 as an all-virtual company, people were skeptical that remote employees could get the job done. Now, with over a decade of experience under our belt, we’re growing and expanding every year, taking on more clients, building our teams, and even going global. How do we do it? Pascale team members across the country share 11 ways they’ve worked, thrived, and kept Pascale growing.

1. Go high-tech

As a virtual company, we’ve always been tech-savvy. Gratia takes “remote work” seriously and relies on her MiFi to work from literally anywhere. Christian hooks a headset up to his Mac and iPhone to attend conference calls from anywhere in the house. And the Digital Team stays connected on Slack, a tool we’ve noticed our clients are using, too!

Artist’s rendering, not actually Christian.

2. Go low-tech

Low-tech hacks keep us on-task and focused, too. Kara’s favorite time-management tool is her trusty hourglass. And while IM and e-mail keep us connected, Erin says calling up a teammate “is the quickest way for me to get inspiration, clarification, and brilliance.”

Kara’s glittery task-master

3. Bust a move

Everyone knows moving your body is great for your brain! Pascale team members do it all:  Georgette has taken up boxing, and Allison is a yoga instructor. Deb swears by her standing desk, which keeps her active and alert through long conference calls.

4. Need a boost? Kick out the jams

Many Pascale team members turn to music when they need a boost. Lauren turns to her reggae Pandora station first thing in the morning to set a chill tone. Hannah turns to Spotify throughout the day. Laura commits 100% with noise-cancelling headphones that keep her in the zone.

Lookin’ good, Laura! I said LOOKING GOOD, LAURA!

5. Treat yo’ self

Audra keeps her engine running with beet-apple-ginger juice. On a more relatable note, Erin “can’t work without chocolate” and keeps chocolate-dipped Italian butter cookies on hand at all times.


6. Let family be your focus

Jess says “my kiddos are my favorite thing to inspire me and keep me smiling.”

7. Let your “extended family” help, too

Pets are family and we love having them around! Amy says “without these two keeping me company and barking through my conference calls, I sure would be lonely in my home office!” Laura is happy to have her cat Chloe nearby for a quick, therapeutic cuddle when the going gets rough.

Amy’s vocal office mates

8. Seek out inspiration

Pascale team members mine Instagram for uplifting quotes and motivation or simply look around and take in the scenery. Adrianne shared this local view: “This mountain near my house is dramatic and mystic and I am stunned and impressed by it daily.”

Adrianne’s family takes in the view

9. Take time to feel the #ClientLove

It’s easy to be passionate when your clients impress and inspire you daily. Pascale team members check out a video of an Argus II patient overcoming decades of blindness or follow Imprimis Pharmaceutical’s triumph over pharma-villain Martin Shkreli for some serious motivation.

10. Flex your creative muscle

When Paul is stressed or creatively blocked, he turns to his baby grand to bang out a few tunes. Alicia knows a good sense of humor keeps her sane, so she takes improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center

Paul’s big stress reliever

11. Stay proud!

Whether you’re virtual on in an office, nothing beats a healthy sense of pride when it comes to killing it on the job. We wear our Pascale Pride on our sleeves (or hats) and share it with the world on social media. Check out our #PCViews for more!

Georgette and family rock Pascale gear!

Do you work remotely? How do you stay sane, focused, and passionate? Let us know on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!


Erin LaFavor