5 Trends That Will Change Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare employees will be social media stars

With over 12 million healthcare employees in the US, marketers will increasingly turn to their most engaged fan base—co-workers—to get the word out. Over half of employees are already talking about their company on social media without prompting. While some companies encourage staff to share content on their own social media accounts, the practice will become much more common in the year ahead.

Lame TV commercials will start a death spiral

Any marketer who has watched one of those 60-second pharmaceutical commercials has at some point asked, ‘Do these ads really work?’ The short answer is, it’s hard to say how effective they are … but they sure are costly. With a new crop of pharmaceutical marketers fixated on measurement and media attribution, there will be a spotlight on the effectiveness of TV advertising for driving prescriptions. Also, the 2016 political season will likely inflate TV advertising rates, leading marketers, getting pressured by CFOs, to find less expensive communication channels.

Healthy content will break the Internet

The next generation of healthcare marketer grew up in the digital age, and your next CMO just may have started his or her career in digital. These new growth marketers are growing into positions of power and influence, and they were trained to disrupt media and measure everything. Knowing that successful content paves the way for editorial coverage and sharing, healthcare marketers will increasingly turn to sophisticated content ideas to grow in the coming year.

The rise of Healthcare as a Service (HaaS)

DIY healthcare is nothing new. In fact, healthcare is the second most searched for service online. Even doctors and hospitals know that many conditions could be managed at home if adequate services are provided. Enter companies such as Curology for prescription skincare, Doctor on Demand for at-home medical services, and Verily, Alphabet’s life sciences research arm.

Techies will rejuvenate healthcare marketing

As a new era of data-driven growth marketers take hold of the healthcare industry, you will see a new focus on speed and agility in healthcare. This will be a positive development overall, but not without friction. Expect a heightened focus on transformative technology that makes working more productive, and a new focus on patient-centric marketing.

Erin LaFavor