Cassy Dump Featured on Bulldog Reporter!

“The moment I joined healthcare I embarked on a journey I could have never imagined… we watch lives change on a daily basis. There is nothing more moving than the human interest side of what we help our clients do.”

Cassy Dump

We at Pascale Communications have long known what a rock star Cassy Dump is, now it’s the world’s turn to see what makes her a top dog in the PR world.  The latest edition of Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog highlights Cassy’s PR vibe, work ethic and her embodiment of professionalism and complete commitment to her clients and their messages.

Cassy outlines her journey through the world of PR, from her first days as a budding journalist to her current role as healthcare maven. She lets us know which clients were her favs and which client requests left her shaking her head.  It is clear through it all, Cassy’s passion for PR and knack for fostering new relationships has led to her deep understanding of what is needed to get each client’s message heard.

When not fielding media calls, Cassy carries her passion into all areas of her life. Whether she is walking her tank-of-a-pit-bull Lily or planning her adventurous future, Cassy’s groovin’ energy shines through. So, take a minute, check out the profile, and bask in the glow of all things Cassy!

Erin LaFavor