#ClientLove: Tips on Making Connections, Nurturing Relationships and Showing the Love


Anyone who follows PC’s social media knows that we do not shy away from the hashtag—and they will likely be familiar with one tag in particular: #clientlove.

But are we just drawing attention to some of our favorite clients? Or is there a deeper meaning to this particular hashtagged phrase?

First of all, it is easy for us at PC to feel the love for our clients. While our followers might just see one company digitally interacting with another, the connection we share with our clients is very real and develops on a personal level between our team and the individuals who represent the clients we work with. Developing and nurturing these relationships is advantageous to both agency and client and adds tremendous value to the work being done.

So, how do we make these connections and how can our clients find meaningful ways to make connections of their own? Here are a few tips that I have found useful in my interactions through PC:

Find depth. Get to know the life behind the business. What drives your client to be awesome? Whether it’s family, friends, art or music, take genuine interest in the influences that drive your client to be their best. Finding common ground or interests will strengthen the relationship even more.

Love to share. At PC, we are always cognizant of the latest trends, and we don’t hesitate to share knowledge with a pay it forward mindset. After all, we are advisors and the more knowledge and counsel we can share, the better. But as much as we love to share, we also love to listen. Active listening is how we find depth and pathways to connection.

Share the love. Connect like-minded people and connect client’s simpatico ideas or missions with one another. Share examples of troubleshooting or examples that have worked for alternate projects. PC collaborates with so many successful vendors and individuals; we are grateful and proud of our relationships and recognize their value. Empower all.

Love to go above and beyond. Passion is infectious. Over deliver whenever you can and use the scope of work as a foundation, not a boundary. Have pride in your work and your work ethic. Keep the wheels turning.

Love to believe. Become an ambassador for your client or company. Live within their walls and educate yourself enough to speak with intelligence and enthusiasm about their brand. But also know your limitations and don’t be afraid to continue to ask questions to expand your knowledge.

Love to communicate. Being a virtual company has helped us refine how we deliver information to our clients and our audience—and to each other. Keep your communication consistent and clear and get to know your client enough to be flexible with refining it to their needs.

There are certainly other principles I adhere to make sure I am not only making connections, but keeping my network strong as well. Follow through is critically important, mutual respect is paramount, owning your weaknesses helps you grow and admitting mistakes when they occur shows character.

Overall, though, I believe there is an underlying theme of genuineness and authenticity in all of this. Making true connections grows organically from common interest and loving what you do; people of like minds have an incredible way of clustering together. PC is composed of a fantastic group of brilliant over achievers and the clients we attract have the same characteristics, and so, it’s easy to share the love when the foundation is so solid.

Erin LaFavor