Georgette Pascale, CEO, on Why Physicians Should Use Social Media

In an article for the May issue of Ophthalmic Tips For Success, our fierce CEO Georgette Pascale shared professional insight and tips on how physicians can use social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to improve client satisfaction, patient-client relationships, and professional identity.

Social media is, “the perfect way to market yourself and your practice to others on a personal and professional level” Georgette wrote. “Having a presence on more than one social media network allows for ample communication avenues with your patients, and it’s an easy way to ensure that you’re keeping them happy and addressing their concerns. Furthermore, you’ll distinguish your practice from others and add credibility to your brand.”

As Georgette explains, different platforms can be used to accomplish different goals. She wrote that creating a Facebook profile for a practice would “…provide the ability to showcase your skills, visually and verbally, and interact with patients one-on-one.” A LinkedIn account can further enhance a practice by “building you and your practice’s professional identity. You can also share practice news or highlight speaking engagements. In addition, LinkedIn is an excellent place to scout for new team members if you’re hiring.”

Ophthalmic Tips For Success is a publication of Ophthalmology Management and Care Credit.

Erin LaFavor