Social Media and What It Can Do for Private Practices

Social media is a constantly expanding field that is always defining and redefining best practices. Pascale Communications‘ Digital Media team is comprised of Laura Wyant and Sean Locklin. Together they are constantly trying to adjust the sails to make for a smoother ride for both our public relations clients and for our own social presence.

There has been a lot of talk about what the value of social media is- the dreaded ROI discussion. At Social Media Week 2014 we attended lectures crafted around the topic of ROI that ended with no concrete answers or steps to share as it is such a developing area of social media.

This is frustrating for businesses, large and small alike, as it is difficult to determine how much time and money to spend on your social efforts. It is also hard to determine how much new business social media really brings home at the end of the day.

Pascale Communications’ Digital team believes social media delivers in many ways:

  • Improves SEO and website ranking
  • Creates opportunities for B2B and partnerships
  • Personalizes for your company/brand; emotionally ties to your audience
  • Provides background on how you run your business (everyone loves a sneak peek)
  • Positions you, your employees and your company as industry experts
  • Creates the space for audience feedback so you can learn more about how you can shape your business model to become even more successful

What about for a private practice? All of the above apply to small business as well as companies and brands!

After performing an assessment to understand what platforms work best for your practice’s mission there are tools you can use to fine-tune your social presence.

LinkedIn, for example, offers B2B potential as well as a professional audience to share your information with. The tools and analytics you can pull from LinkedIn can inform you as to what the demographics of your audience are comprised of, what content performs best and much more. Practices can inform their audiences as to what cutting edge technology they offer, what doctors and specialists are making a name for the practice, what speaking events the staff will be attending and partaking in, what recent press they have received and, of course, what accolades the practice has been awarded. There is even room for testimonials to be woven into your content planning in addition to the facts of the practice- and we all know individuals respond to emotional content the most. The professional audience on LinkedIn pays attention to the way businesses are making themselves stand out against competition. Having all of this information in one place and regularly updated is invaluable for patients to have at their fingertips.

Kevin Pho, doctor and healthcare expert, has a very compelling article on the potential benefits of doctors and practices contemplating dipping their toes into carving out a social media presence for themselves.

The digital media team at Pascale Communications is more than happy to continue the conversation or provide an assessment of your current social media efforts and can recommend a path that will help lead you to success.

If you are considering starting a social media presence for your practice and have questions please reach out to to learn more.

Erin LaFavor