Digital Health & Bioelectronics: An Introduction to Our New Global Director

I’m excited to be joining the Pascale team in 2017. They have been working on some fantastic campaigns for Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, TearScience and Allergan, to name a few, over the last few months; I’m looking forward to getting involved with and helping clients in Europe.

Looking at the UK in particular, the market for digital health is huge, and there is great potential for innovation and disruption. A big communications challenge for companies hoping to drive the disruption is navigating the increasingly complex communications environments. From NHS IT and NHS Digital to individual trusts and newly formed STP ‘footprints’, all the way through to clinicians on the front line of care, and crucially-ill patients, companies hoping to break through or grow their influence in digital health have many different audiences to reach, and will need different and fresh stories, strategies and perspectives for each.

For the last ten years, I’ve worked with technology companies covering the breadth of the industry. Between cyber security, big data, IoT and AI, and wearable tech, it’s clear that technology has the power to disrupt and innovate the healthcare market at all levels. 2017 is set to be a pivotal year because companies can harness data analytics and deliver insights and recommendations for patient outcomes, which enables patients to partner with their physician and healthcare provider to take control of their health.

There’s no doubt that this looks primed to be an exciting year in healthcare, with plenty of innovation and new companies looking for a slice of the market. The medical devices market is expected to continue to grow significantly, while we are also likely to see increased investment in the bioelectronics area and a heightened use of technologies, such as robotics, AI and IoT to deliver personalised, precise medical care. Some of these areas are currently dominated by a handful of major players, but with new innovations and challenger brands, how one communicates and gets a message across is going to be vital in this growing health tech sector.

Kathryn Mills-Webb, Pascale Global Director


Erin LaFavor