PR + Social Media = No-brainer

As any PR pro worth their salt will tell you, combining public relations with social media is one of the most effective ways to get your message out. The notion that PR and social media are different channels that should be approached separately is overlooking the most beloved equation in marketing, 1+1=3.

While standalone branded social media content is important, boosting your press coverage on social media can bring in new audiences, authenticating your brand with third party credibility.

Lots of legwork goes into generating awesome media coverage. That’s why Pascale crafts comprehensive pitches for our clients, tailored to targeted journalists. The result can be millions of media impressions, and the foundation for compelling social media content.

Recently Pascale delivered an integrated win for Second Sight by combining great press coverage with a little social media mastery. Here’s how it worked: ZDNet covered Second Sight’s existing technology as well as highlighting their future innovations, currently in-testing. The story resulted in over 26.5 million unique visitors globally with 6.1 million U.S.-based. Pascale took the extra step of using the story to create a sponsored Facebook post. With just $250 and a custom audience of potential Second Sight patients and caregivers, we amplified the reach of the story to 15,000 new people on Facebook.

Second Sight’s Facebook posts typically generate 40 likes or reactions with a handful of shares and comments. The sponsored ZDNet post received an unprecedented

  • 789 likes and reactions
  • 290 shares, and
  • 25 comments and counting.

Further, the post copy included direct links Second Sight’s sales team, generating valuable new lead.

The key to integrating PR and social media is focusing on tactics so that they play off each other, setting up so the results of one can spur the success of the other.

Erin LaFavor