Pascale pitchers hit home runs, Clients win big

By Paul Rabin

I always love working with new clients because it presents an opportunity to tell fresh, new stories to the media. Recently our client, Glaukos, asked us to pitch stories about their iStent device for treatment of glaucoma to markets where patients and doctors are ready to talk about it.

As baseball season is now upon us, I can’t help but borrow on a metaphor inspired by “pitching.” In baseball as in PR, if you’re gonna have a winning team, you have to pitch well. However, the goals of pitching are very different. Baseball pitchers  try their best to get batters out, while PR “pitchers” try to induce the metaphorical “batter” (the media) to get a base hit, or maybe even a home run. The trick is to make the pitch as hittable as possible.

So we at Pascale did for Glaukos what we aim to achieve for all of our client partners – turned their key messages into stories the media cannot resist.

We went into the windup and made our pitch: The iStent is the smallest medical device known to be implanted into the human body – even smaller than the digit on a penny – and it helps treat glaucoma, potentially eliminating eye drops for patients who expected to take them for the rest of their lives.

But knowing how to pitch our client’s product to the media only gets us halfway around the bases, so we spoke to patients who had iStent to hear their stories. A woman in Wisconsin told us how this nearly invisible device reduced by half her high intraocular eye pressure, the primary symptom of glaucoma. A man in Florida told us his nightmare of taking daily eye drops forever was now over. We included these real-life experiences in our pitch, and before long, we were seeing hits in some of the markets in the country.

All season long, pitch after pitch, we gathered our list of media contacts, sent out the emails and pounded the phones until (bam!) we got home run after home run in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Miami and Arizona. I doubt the players on the Brewers, Phillies, Pirates, Nationals, Dodgers, Marlins and Diamondbacks had such good pitches to hit!

And once these home run news segments started getting picked up by sister stations and syndicated across the country, we knew team Pascale was in first place.

You know, it took 24 players from the Chicago Cubs 7 games, 8 home runs and a batting average of .249 to win their first World Series in 108 years. Pascale’s “pitchers” help make sure the media has a lot more power hitters, and our clients benefit. It just goes to show, there’s no substitute for getting a good pitch to hit.

Erin LaFavor