Establish consumer brand awareness of eSight, electronic glasses that allow people with vision loss to see. Ultimately, increase sales of eSight, overcoming the cost barrier for a technology that is not prescribed by physicians or covered by insurance.


Pascale partnered with eSight to create a robust local media campaign focused on storytelling. A series of videos engaged viewers with moving personal stories, integrated with the concept of community fundraising to help people with visual impairment purchase eSight glasses.


Stellar local TV coverage on network affiliates was picked up nationally, giving eSight broad exposure. Print and online media coverage expanded as well. The exposure led to increased call volume, inquiries and sales for eSight.

Several people featured in the videos were able to amass community funding for their eSight eyewear in a short time after their stories aired. After purchasing eSight glasses, some recipients engaged in raising funds for other vision impaired eSight candidates.

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