Position RESTASIS as the leading prescription treatment for chronic dry eye disease, and protect the drug’s market share in advance of a major competitor’s launch.


Pascale employed a multi-platform strategy to raise awareness of RESTASIS and drive new prescriptions. Targeted content promotion began with the launch of a RESTASIS-branded presence on Facebook and Twitter, both of which amplified the direct-to-consumer TV campaign and brought patients through the funnel to RESTASIS.

Employing targeted paid social media, we expanded the reach and awareness of RESTASIS, driving patients to the website to learn more about Dry Eye Disease and sign up for Allergan's savings reward program. Social media video content amplified TV marketing while enabling RESTASIS to promote product partnerships and seasonal campaigns.


Pascale launched the first-ever social media channels for RESTASIS. On Facebook, we built customized tabs and created content compliant with ISI FDA regulations.

In the first 5 months, the social media campaign reached 35 million dry eye sufferers, enabled 125,000 brand engagements, and drove more than 450,000 video views. Additionally, more than 230 comments on social posts were addressed, with an average response time of just 7 minutes.

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