Choosing the Right Healthcare Marketing Agency

May 11, 2020

The healthcare industry is one of the most competitive business niches today. Many healthcare entrepreneurs struggle to build brand awareness and attract the right clients on their own. However, whether your business is a clinic, hospital or diagnostic facility, hiring a healthcare marketing agency is a great way to put yourself out there and get ahead of competitors. A marketing partner can help push your practice or product line to new heights and secure its future.

The only tricky part is finding the right agency for your business. As a healthcare marketing agency, we understand the importance of working with one that brings real value to your enterprise. We’ve prepared a list of five key considerations when vetting marketing agencies that make it a bit easier for you to find the right marketing partner.

Relevance to Your Business Plan and Goals

Every business has unique goals and objectives. The agency should be determined to preserve and help you achieve your business plans, projections and goals. Ask each candidate to explain how they would use marketing techniques to help realize the core mission and objectives of your practice while preserving brand integrity. Marketing is a continuous process, and each stage must be tailored to meet your unique marketing requirements.

Experience in the Healthcare Industry

Marketing in the healthcare industry is different from marketing practices in other commercial sectors. Health practitioners and businesses follow stringent regulations and maintain high standards when marketing their products and services. What’s more, healthcare marketing regulations vary depending on the product, service and region. At Pascāle Communications, we specialize as a healthcare marketing agency because of the unique way that promoting healthcare products and services needs to be handled. So, look for an agency with a long history and rich experience in healthcare marketing.

Digital Prowess

Digital marketing is an essential part of modern-day marketing strategies. SEO (search engine optimization) and social media are some of the most valuable marketing tools we have today. A marketing agency should be able to leverage the power of digital resources to promote your practice and products to the masses.

Digital marketing is a way to reach and connect with vast, highly targeted audiences. Nearly half the world’s population is on social media, and a majority of customers search for local businesses and services on the web. Online digital platforms can be ideal launchpads for a variety of marketing campaigns, but it all comes down to the marketer’s skills in utilizing these avenues.

Core Values

Learn as much as you can about a healthcare marketing agency to make sure that its core values align with your expectations and what your business stands for. Who are the minds behind the agency, their work ethics, qualifications, skills and mindset? Find out what the agency is most enthusiastic about, whether its PR, communications or digital marketing. 

It’s also important to find out what past clients say about the agency through customer reviews and testimonials. Learning all these should help you decide whether a particular agency is the right fit for your business.

ROI and Value for Money

After all is said and done, you should let the numbers do the talking. Run a thorough financial assessment to work out the real value that the agency brings to your business. In most cases, marketing is not cheap; you should ensure that the investment and effort yields measurable results. Empty promises are meaningless, so get the agency to explain the ROI using realistic projections carefully analyzed over the current market environment. The agency must show meaningful value for money and ROI to make the investment worthwhile.

Finding a credible, experienced and knowledgeable healthcare marketing agency suited to your needs is a critical stage in starting your marketing journey. The good news is, you don't have to look far. At Pascāle Communications, we help healthcare businesses grow and flourish in challenging markets through our PR services, digital marketing prowess and expertise in building valuable connections.

May 11, 2020