Digital Healthcare Marketing is NOT One and Done

October 14, 2020

Does your healthcare company have a digital management plan? Do you even know where to start? Don’t worry - we hear that a lot.

A lot of organizations will build a website, create various social media accounts, and think their online brand is set for life. But just because you’ve taken the first step to building a digital presence, doesn’t mean you’ve mastered what it takes to stay involved in the digital conversation.

One major factor in stellar internet presence is frequently updated content. Many ask, “Why change my digital content if I don’t have anything new to share?” Search engines always default to connecting the dots between a user looking for information to newly published content. So if you haven’t updated your site or posted online in a while, your brand may get bumped for a competitor who posted more recently than you.

This is just one of the many reasons why it’s vital to have ongoing management of your healthcare company’s digital content.

But constantly managing a company’s online presence can be incredibly time consuming - that’s where we come in. Pascāle works with you to develop a digital brand plan that maintains the audience you’ve already built and targets new clients to add to your base.

We’ll keep what works and adjust what doesn’t.

If you’ve already established some digital marketing plans that work for your industry, we’ll keep it! But if there are growth areas that could help your business excel, Pascāle will identify them with data-driven information and formulate a game plan to help your company thrive.

We’ll optimize and enhance your brand voice.

Already have a brand voice, but not quite sure how to implement it in the digital space? Or maybe you’re brand new and haven’t established a brand voice at all? No problem. Pascāle is well-versed in developing a compelling brand voice that matches your company’s values and goals. We can also help you take an existing brand voice and retool it for a digital environment.

We’ll set goals, crush them, and start again.

Pascāle doesn’t have a one and done mindset. We know that once we reach a goal, it’s time to set another one. Once we’ve increased your visibility, expanded your audience, and honed in on a brand plan that works, we’ll look at other ways to help your business grow.

Pascāle is here to manage your digital content from start to finish, and beyond. Our responsive and knowledgeable team will keep you on track and handle your digital marketing with ease.

Want to learn more? Contact us today, and we’d be happy to discuss all our services with you.