Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

August 29, 2019

We reinvented how we network. Why, you ask? It’s no secret that networking is key to staying relevant, keeping a pulse on the industry, and growing business. Yet, older school ways of networking, like coordinating cocktail hours, wading through convention center crowds, and scheduling Starbucks small talks, are getting stale and less effective.

We introduced Pascale’s Marketing Leadership Dinners, where Georgette and I bring together like-minded healthcare and marketing professionals to collaborate and talk all things digital. The relaxed setting lends itself to creative brainstorming and discussion while building in-depth relationships. What better way for people to connect than being surrounded by good food and good conversation?

These intimate dinners among peers are fueled by Food for Thought conversation starters such as, “Describe how you use social media” and “What is the most creative thing you’ve seen?” These questions prompt guests to exchange stories about their experiences in healthcare marketing, while also enabling guests to learn from each other over natural conversation. In short, we’re bringing the fun back into networking!

Our first two dinners, held in Orange County, CA and Philadelphia, were a huge success. The table erupted in discussion of the ins-and-outs of FDA-regulated social media, the market’s next big digital trends, and how brands can best tap into social media to influence their target audiences. These dinners provided attendees an opportunity to learn from their peers and cultivate new professional relationships.

The best part about our new Pascale Dinner Series? We are just getting started! We plan to expand the Marketing Leader Dinner Series to other major cities with a large healthcare presence. Find out if we are coming to a city near you by emailing