HCP Education in the New At Home World

June 9, 2020

Reaching healthcare professionals online was already an expanding interest, even before recent world events forced the urgency of virtual connectivity. 

Even prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, healthcare professionals were increasingly turning to online outlets for medical information and to access peer-to-peer educational content. Now, a necessity in the context of physical distancing, it is likely to grow exponentially even after the world returns to in-office workplaces.

For years, outlets like Eyetube.com, Dermtube.com, and Healio.com have found success in developing targeted content for healthcare providers precisely because they meet the need for on-demand, multimedia information and education. While each has a different approach, they have certain elements in common: brief videos featuring prominent thought leaders as they discuss latest trends and share surgical videos or pearls for practice in a peer-to-peer format. It is the same content traditionally found at conferences and in-person meetings, with the advantage that it is available whenever the viewer’s time permits.

Engaging content, though, is only part of the equation: messages need to be amplified in a targeted way to HCP audiences. For this reason, there has been a sizeable uptick in information sharing specifically to practitioners and their staff on more mainstream social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Despite needing to navigate carefully due to regulatory oversight, social media nevertheless remains an important tool for enabling dynamic interactions with physicians and their patients. The advantage of social media targeting is the powerful way in which content and messaging can be targeted with near precision to professional and patient audiences. This content generates valuable conversation that can also be closely monitored and managed by the content provider.

Simply put, it may no longer be viable to ignore virtual communication strategies, tactics, and techniques as a component of HCP education, or at least as an adjunct to more traditional approaches. The world is increasingly online, and serves as a viable option for valuable conversations that convert to relationships and sales.

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