Healthcare branding 101: how an agency can help

January 5, 2021

As part of establishing yourself as a reputable part of the healthcare industry, you need to establish yourself as an authority for information that provides reliable care. If you're unfamiliar with the process, it can be a difficult one. As a healthcare branding agency, the team at Pascāle can help with this. Our services are designed to make your brand stand out from the rest of the field and be that source of care and information that your patients are seeking. Keep reading to find out more about what our agency can do for you and how it will help with your branding.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that’s used to describe your online presence. In today’s digital climate, your online presence is more than just your website and how it represents your business. In fact, building your brand and online authority is much like building a footprint. At Pascāle, we can help you build your digital footprint with social media, blogs, content, paid media, and much more. This makes it easier for your patients to find you and ultimately get directed to your clinic. With social media continuing to grow within our daily sphere each day, it’s becoming increasingly important to provide prospective patients with online information that they’re looking for to help them find their way to your clinic.

Professional media relations

Another way to grow your brand is through networking. Get your brand out there. Your healthcare branding agency understands that like growing your digital footprint, building your network makes it more likely that somebody will spread the word about your clinic without your prompting. Additionally, services like media messaging development and article pitching and placement will get your clinic’s brand out to the public with a consistent brand image.

Patient media relations

The main goal of branding objectives with a healthcare branding agency is to appeal to your current and prospective patients. At Pascāle, we’ll work to target and appeal to patients locally and nationally (when applicable) with pitching and outreach. We’ll work to get your brand in front of your chosen demographics in your local area to grow your patient pool and establish your brand in your area.

PR content development

When people typically think of public relations, their minds go directly to crisis management and image rehabilitation. While this might be the case sometimes, our PR team can take an already positive image and grow it from there. This creates an added measure of buzz around your brand through white papers, blogs, and other marketing collateral. We will help to continually grow your brand so that you’re seen as an authority in the healthcare industry.

MD connect

Part of having your clinicians build a rapport with patients is the ability to connect. This is something that can be done before a patient even steps foot into your clinic. We’ll establish a connection with patients through meaningful high-value interactions that make it easy for them to see that your healthcare providers are caring and easy to talk to.

MD accelerator

We can put this all together by using social media. Our healthcare branding agency will build, establish, and grow your social media presence. This is all done to build your brand’s authority and increase visibility, thus leading to accelerated growth within your clinic.

Get started

So, what are you waiting for? Your brand isn’t going to build itself. Get started with Pascāle today to get help from our healthcare branding agency. Give us a call at 412-526-1756 or send an email directly to You can also reach out to our team by using our online contact form. It’s fast, simple, and easy, and you know we’ll get back to you quickly because we’re responsive AF. It’s our goal to help you become an authority in your industry to continue to attract more patients.