Why your office needs a healthcare public relations strategy

October 14, 2021

When it comes to public relations, the first thing many people think of is damage control. Anytime something goes wrong for a company, the first phrase people use to describe it is that it’s a “PR nightmare.” While crisis management is part of public relations, it’s just that: a single part. The rest of PR involves brand awareness, disseminating information to the general populace, and establishing credibility for the company. Because of this, every office needs a healthcare public relations strategy. If this is not something that’s ever crossed your mind, our team at Pascāle can help you address this issue. Read our guide as to why you need to get on board with a PR professional.

Disseminating press releases

Press releases are an effective way to share quick and easy information with the public about your office. You can include information about changes in staffing, facility updates, and improvements in care by sending a press release to local news outlets that can effectively share the information with the general public. It doesn’t matter if you’re a major healthcare company that serves a large metropolitan area or a small family clinic in a rural community. Spreading news about your clinic is useful information for the population in your area.

Running social media

Maintaining a social media presence is an important piece of effective marketing strategies. Without it, you’re making it much more difficult to manage your reputation in the public eye as you’re not readily available to respond to comments and remarks. In addition to ease of public interaction, social media is an excellent platform for controlling the message that you send out to the public. In addition to sending press releases to news outlets, you can post them to social media as an attachment so the public can easily see for themselves that you’re releasing the message.

Making public service announcements

As a healthcare professional, part of your job is to educate the public about health risks and hazards. This includes the importance of curing and preventing the spread of diseases. In the last year, we’ve seen many clinics and hospitals provide updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic that include ways to prevent contracting the virus, how the public can help one another, and updates regarding ER and ICU capacity. These PSAs are an integral part of maintaining communication with the general population on public health matters. Your PR department can help with every part of this so it’s not as difficult for you.

Establishing and maintaining credibility

No matter what industry you’re in, credibility is essential to your ability to grow your business. It’s also incredibly fickle. After spending years building a reputation as a knowledgeable and capable doctor, one bad incident destroys your credibility with the public. Part of the job of a PR team is to help you maintain and build your credibility in the public eye. Are there going to be mistakes in the medical world? Of course, there are. This is why it’s called medical practice and not medical perfection. The science behind medicine is always evolving to continue to improve your ability to save lives. It’s the job of your PR team to let the public know that you’re doing your best to continue to do that.

Building brand awareness

From the smallest family-owned clinic to the largest healthcare companies in the country, branding is an important part of running a business. For instance, the Mayo Clinic has been established as one of the best and most reliable brands in medicine in the United States. Part of this has been done with an effective PR strategy. You don’t have to have these kinds of aspirations to be effective. If you want to be known as the small clinic on the corner, a team of PR professionals can put together an effective strategy to help you convey that message to the population.

Contact us to get started

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