Allison Potter - Senior Account Director

Allison Potter - Senior Account Director


Name: Allison Potter (also know as "AP")

Specialty: Consumer & Professional

Title: Senior Account Director

Experience: I've been at Pascale for most of my professional career, so healthcare PR is my deepest skill set and biggest passion. Prior experience in consumer goods PR, marketing, and family background in psychology. Knowing what makes people tick, positive or negatively, is one of the best skills to possess in PR (in my humble opinion).

Passions: Dogs, yoga, sunshine, traveling, exploring, art, anything creative

Organizations: OWL: Advancing Diversity in Leadership

Being a Show-off: Does being able to stand on my head count? Working on my handstand next, even if it takes me until I'm 50.

Getting Personal: I can curl my tongue. I'm legally blind in my left eye (congenital cataract) but am not completely blind in that eye. Born in Western PA (by way of Clarion and Pittsburgh - Go Steelers!) and have lived in San Diego, CA and Rochester, MN. I'm a dog person, with a 9 lb ShihPoo named Dori and a deaf 60+ lb Catahoula (a southern breed) named Dalai.

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