Amy Houck - Digital Media Director

Amy Houck - Digital Media Director


Name: Amy Houck

Specialty: Digital

Title: Digital Media Director

Experience: Leading in the social media space since its conception, started social media marketing when we called it net-reach and it was a world of chat rooms, created campaigns that launched some of the most visible brands in the world on social media. 

Passions: I am a numbers junkie, I study people and patterns, Data Intelligence gives me life, Connecting People, Poetry, Painting, God, Learning & Teaching Self Awareness, The Walking Dead, Red Wine. 

Organizations: Amnesty International, Grassroots Activist, Grassroots Volunteer ACLU.

Being a Show-off:

  • Leading in the social media space for over a decade

  • Also known as Amy the creAtor, verified twitter personality with 23K followers

  • Top 1% of all social media influencers -Klear

  • Top 5% of all social media influencers - Klout

  • Mom of a wild haired fearless 4 year old girl named Jade

  • Enjoy recreating famous paintings after visiting them, Picasso & Van Gogh are in my office

  • Member of CNN voted: 'Top 10 most exclusive clubs in the world' Silencio

  • My at home work station looks like a command center for a Nasa launch

Getting Personal: I live in Baltimore with my family on the water and we love it! Passionate about helping people see their potential and find balance. I do have a favorite thought of all time, I learned it from an amazing teacher named Leo Buscaglia and it goes like this: "What we think is less than what we know: What we know is less than what we love: What we love is so much less than what there is; and to this precise extent, we are much more less than what we are.” 

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