Dori Gavitt - Senior Digital Account Manager

Dori Gavitt - Senior Digital Account Manager


Name: Dori Gavitt

Specialty: Digital

Title: Senior Digital Account Manager

Experience: 15+ years of experience in marketing, including product management and social media marketing in the healthcare industry. I started my professional career as a Social Worker in a closed psychiatric unit. That experience helped me learn how to be patient and taught me how to handle tough situations.

Passions: I have so many! Volunteering at charity events. Animals, I would rescue every stray in the world if I could. Photography, I have always believed in preserving memories with pictures, and lots of them! I love everything related to nature, spending time with family and friends, hiking, traveling, and attempting to live life to the fullest!

Being a Show-off:

  • In the walking trail behind my condo, I found a baby owl that had fallen out of his nest. With the help of the Environmental Protection Department, I got to pick him up and put him in a high branch for protection! He (I named him Henry) was so small and not afraid of me. I went out every day for four months to check up on him and take pictures. I always made sure to keep my distance as his parents were close by and watching. It was so amazing to see him grow up and photograph his journey into adulthood.

  • My best friend asked me to be her labor coach for both of her children. Her husband was there as well, but they wanted a "backup". It was such a great experience! 

  • I'm terrified of heights, but I don't ever let that stop me from doing things that terrify me. One of my favorites was when I went zip lining. Next on my list? Skydiving!

  • Being the best aunt ever

  • Best fur baby Mom to my cat Stella (my foster failure)

Getting Personal:  I was born and raised in Connecticut. My career has led me to relocate to San Diego, NYC, Florida and back to Connecticut. I have loved every minute of my journey. I have a twin sister. Yes, that's right! There are two of me out there in this world! Ha! I love watching shows like Law and Order, SVU. My guilty pleasure is trying to figure out who did it.

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