Jessica Obriot - Digital Marketing Coordinator

Jessica Obriot - Digital Marketing Coordinator


Name: Jessica Obriot (JessO)

Team: Digital

Title: Digital Marketing Coordinator

Experience: As a "newbie" in the digital space, I've tried out a just little bit of everything. From creating social media content for businesses across all platforms to managing entire Google Ad campaigns, there is no aspect of digital that I haven't taken a crack at. I'm discovering my specialty in digital marketing is community and project management. I like to keep it fast, organized, and fun!

Passions: Storytelling, connections, kayaking, dogs, breakfast foods

Being a Show-off: Keynote speaker at the Penn State 2016 Gender Conference for my study on female Disney character representation

I worked at Disney World for a summer and it was just as fun as it sounds

Getting Personal: I live in Pittsburgh, PA but my heart resides in Happy Valley, home of my alma mater, Penn State. My goals are to slay the digital space in the coming years, eat pasta in Italy, write a novel but never publish it, save all the dogs, and make others happy.

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