Laura Wyant - Senior Digital Account Manager

Laura Wyant - Senior Digital Account Manager


Name: Laura Wyant

Team: Digital

Title: Senior Digital Account Manager

Experience: Publishing, advertising, tech startups...all to prepare me for the multifaceted beast that is PR. Worked as a waitress through college - that's one gig that has definitely shaped who I am.

Passions: Media (all forms traditional and digital), music, writing, mama thangs, travel, art, literature, volunteering, feminism, exploring, happy hour, making collages. Oh, and making lists.

Years with Pascale: Since 2012

Organizations: Planned Parenthood

Being a Show-off: ZERO

Getting Personal: Queens represent! My days are brightest when I can deliver for my clients and then spend time with my little family. My husband and daughter are my number one fans.

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