How social media marketing can help healthcare professionals

March 4, 2021

We don’t need to tell you that healthcare is complicated business. That applies to virtually every aspect, including marketing. And, if you’re looking for advice or guidance on social media marketing for healthcare professionals, consider us your social media marketing plug.

At Pascāle, we’re a nimble, strategic and responsive marketing agency that services healthcare professionals and puts them on the map, particularly in New York. We pride ourselves on constantly innovating and growing and guarantee a return on influence. We simplify healthcare marketing to make it manageable and comprehensible. But, more importantly, we tailor everything to your unique brand.

Here’s how social media marketing for healthcare professionals can amplify your brand.

Sharing information

Social media enables people to share and access information with an unprecedented immediacy. And that’s exactly how social media for healthcare professionals can be of the most use. The potential for quick and direct communication is as good as gold.

For example, if you want to share information on vaccinations, outbreaks, health hazards, or simply how to avoid a flu or cold, social media is perfect. It’s a great way to provide accurate information directly to your patients and cultivate loyalty, and more importantly trust.

Social media is perfect for providing information on:

  • Innovations on technologies and treatments
  • New doctors in your practice
  • Answers to miscellaneous questions
  • Updates on your practice itself
  • Health epidemics

Understanding different types of social media

One of the biggest benefits of expert social media marketing for healthcare professionals is that each media platform has a unique user base that engages in their own unique way. For example, the demographics and interests of people on Twitter are different from those on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

So, to truly maximize what you get out of each platform, you need unique and specific campaigns to woo each user set. This means it’s advisable to avoid a one-for-all social media campaign if you truly want to optimize your influence. However, it’s difficult for the layman to understand these differences and you need some expert insight and knowledge, as well as the necessary tools, to truly capitalize on these nuanced differences.

That’s why you need the seasoned counsel and expertise of us at Pascāle to truly optimize your reach and influence. Here are key distinctions to be aware of between different platforms:


Facebook is better for informing people about miscellaneous things that aren’t necessarily time-sensitive or urgent. It’s perfect for:

  • Reminding people of seasonal health risks
  • Letting people know about any construction that could obstruct their way


Twitter is better for reporting breaking news. It’s perfect for:

  • Breakthroughs in different types of health care, technologies, practices, and procedures
  • Emerging health concerns to be aware of


Linked in is for professionals, and it’s essential that every company has one. It’s a great way to establish authority and credibility. It’s perfect for:

  • In-depth discussion and analysis
  • Adding to developing conversations within the industry

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are other platforms to be aware of, such as YouTube and Instagram, and they all have their own unique user base and modes of engagement that only experts like us at Pascāle can truly understand and navigate.

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You can easily improve your online presence with social media marketing for healthcare professionals.