Taking the Confusion out of Digital Healthcare Marketing

June 30, 2020

One of the most vital aspects of delivering healthcare services is ensuring patients can not only find your practice, but easily and confidently seek the medical care they need. Successful practitioners know that hiring a digital marketing agency to clarify their brand and simplify their message can have a huge impact on their bottom line. At Pascāle, we pride ourselves on simplifying that process and taking the stress out of your healthcare communications.

How We Can Help

As a healthcare professional, you want to focus on providing quality care for your patients, not worrying about the next advertising campaign you should run, or the next social media post you need to make. For more than a decade, Pascāle has worked both in the US and internationally to support and streamline the delivery of our clients’ messages. We demystify the promotional process by providing access to several services, all optimized to empower you and your practice.

Public Relations

Whether you are building your brand from the bottom, striving to repair a damaged reputation, or simply trying to spread the word, our public relations experts can help. Our strategy is fivefold, including trade media relations, key opinion leader development, medical writing, brand message development, and professional advocacy.

Through each of these phases, we build your public image and get your brand in the spotlight in innovative and creative ways. A successful public relations campaign connects you with your target audience and effectively tells your story. We are the masters at achieving results in both.

Social Media Marketing

Building an online presence for you or your practice is a key component of successfully communicating your brand with patients. Our digital marketing team of professionals will develop your social media voice through both organic and paid media and create fresh and engaging content for a variety of online platforms. Then, we’ll help you manage your newly built online community.

We also employ a growth marketing strategy designed to identify and target a specific metric that’s vital to driving more patients to their practice or facility. Pascāle has the expertise to connect clients with their target audiences using strategic messaging that resonates.

Services That Drive Results

Pascāle’s proven approach to healthcare communications produces results. The combination of our experience and the diversity of our team provides a one-two punch for effective healthcare digital marketing.

Come find out what we can build for you! Contact us today and let’s get started.

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