The Most Satisfying Fight of my Life: Fighting My Way Through Business

August 15, 2019

Boxing is magical. Old school and all about respect. The complete badass-ery of laying it all out there and winning or losing based on your own steps (or missteps!). It is empowering both as an athlete and entrepreneur, and the more I learned the more I began to uncover the parallels and life lessons.

I first stepped into the ring a few years ago looking for a new workout to shake up my routine. It quickly came to mean much more to me. When I put on my gloves, there are no distractions: no time to think about work, emails, Facebook alerts or kids. The phone is put away and it is just me. Pure focus. Beauty.

Don’t assume that boxing is about using brute strength to hurt your opponent. It’s more like a game of chess than a bar room brawl. Strategy, reflex, focus and defense are imperative to emerge the victor. Being an entrepreneur is very much the same. Some other similarities:

  • It’s about finding newness and needing to keep it fresh. Success requires constantly thinking about how to grow and evolve, staying a step ahead of the competition, figuring out what differentiates your brand, and knowing when to pull back or redirect.
  • Every round is a clean slate with no predetermined outcome. There are highs and lows. You can get knocked down, or not receive a single blow. This is a lot like new business. Each can be won or lost without reason. It’s like going to war and fighting a battle (in a good way!).
  • There are no moments that welcome complacency. Yet, the beauty lies in the process and the growth. You build a foundation based on the fundamentals and then take it to the next level through hard work, determination and repetition.
  • It is imperative to stay humble and focused. You need to accept your strengths and weaknesses, and set goals to grow in the ring and in business.

I have the incredible good fortune to train at FitClub under Coach David Salinas, a two-time Golden Gloves champ. David not only trains the athlete, but he empowers his protégés in all aspects of life. He believes in his boxers and treats everyone the same: young or old, novice or advanced. He helps each of them realize the inner strength they possess physically, mentally and emotionally. Mentors in my life, like coach David, have played an important and undeniable role in who I am. His guidance has made me a more confident athlete, more grounded person and more determined and focused entrepreneur. He makes us all feel special!

Tying all this back to my world of healthcare, the wearable tech world is catching on to the increasing popularity of boxing as well.CNBC recently published an article about the HYKSO tracking device that helps boxers track their progress in real time. Its online FightCamp subscription service provides a way for those who cannot make it to a gym to realize boxing’s benefits. Not endorsing a product here, just spreading the sparring love! Coach David is a trendsetter.

I love what I do inside and outside the ring, and each has made me better at the other. Whether putting on my gloves or firing up my laptop, the rules of engagement are the same, and they are magical. Hard work, repetition, failures and advances….all make it worthwhile in the end.

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