Why your company needs a healthcare digital marketing agency

June 11, 2021

Marketing has changed. While traditional methods like radio and TV spots have morphed into ads on internet radio and streaming services, it’s gone even further than that to targeted digital marketing. As a healthcare company, it’s important that you make the transition to online marketing strategies. If you don’t feel that this is something you can do, get help from a healthcare marketing agency like Pascāle. In fact, we have six reasons why it’s a good idea to work with us.

Target your ideal patient

Whether or not you’re a specialist, you have ideal patients that you want to be able to reach. This can be patients who fit a certain level of health, have specific conditions, or even fit within a tax bracket. With digital marketing, you can target these groups directly on social media, search engines, and even with website traffic. This will make it easier to reach those who you would like to gain as patients.

Easily monitor marketing campaigns

It can be tough to gauge where your patients are coming from with techniques like billboard ads or radio spots. However, digital marketing campaigns are easily tracked and will let you know exactly which are the most successful. You can see where patients are getting your phone number to call your company, the source of incoming emails, and even how they're finding your location. You can’t get this kind of information with traditional marketing methods unless you can get them to fill out a survey.

Direct communication with patients

Via digital marketing channels, you have the opportunity to interact directly with patients before they even come through your doors. With options available like social media direct messaging, text messaging, and emails, there are plenty of channels that make it easy for you and your company to gather as much information as possible from those who are inquiring or preparing to meet with a clinician.

Reduced cost per patient acquisition

While some digital marketing techniques can be costly, others are relatively inexpensive or even free. By utilizing low-cost marketing techniques online, you effectively lower your cost per patient acquisition. Ultimately, this helps to maximize your revenue and ability to serve your patients on a higher and more personalized level.

Patients are online

Everybody is online these days. Between social media platforms and Google, your patients are always searching for information online. This includes your geriatric patients. No matter your specialty, your current, and future, patients are searching for you via some online medium. If they can’t find you, they’ll find your competitors.

Understands the importance of HIPAA

If you’re working with a marketing agency that doesn’t specialize in working with healthcare companies, you could be at risk of someone within that agency sharing protected health information somewhere online. From social media interactions to posting case studies on your website, there are plenty of risks. It’s not worth working with a cut-rate marketing agency to save some money here and there. By working with a healthcare marketing agency, you can be confident that you’re covered on all your bases and won’t risk any type of HIPAA breach.

Contact us to get started

Get started today with an expert healthcare marketing agency. We offer services from digital marketing specialists who can build effective campaigns and provide you with measured feedback. At Pascāle, we’ll make sure that your digital marketing campaigns are targeted to the kinds of patients you’re looking for. Get in touch with us by calling 412-526-1756 or sending a message using our contact form. We’ll be sure to get back to you quickly because we’re responsive AF.